Belgian GP – Spa-Franchorchamps Grand Prix

The Belgian Grand Prix, a fixture of the Formula One World Championship, debuted in 1950. Since then, it has consistently graced the racing calendar, emerging as a season highlight.

Exploring the Spa Circuit

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, celebrated for its demanding and exhilarating layout, stands out as one of Formula One’s longest tracks at approximately 7 kilometers.

The circuit’s most notorious section, Eau Rouge/Raidillon, is a swift uphill turn followed by a sharp left-right sequence, demanding drivers’ utmost bravery and precision. This combination ranks among motorsport’s most iconic corners.

Spa-Francorchamps: A Weather-Dependent Adventure – Renowned for its unpredictable weather, Spa-Francorchamps’ hilly terrain frequently encounters rain, adding to the Belgian Grand Prix’s unpredictability and thrill.

The 2023 Belgian Grand Prix: Dates and Preceding Events

Scheduled for July 28-30, 2023, the Belgian Grand Prix follows the Formula 1 event in Hungary/Budapest at the Hungaroring. Post-Spa, the series takes a three-week summer break before resuming in the Netherlands at Zandvoort’s Circuit Park.

Circuit Spa-Francorchamps: A Closer Look

Famous corners like Pouhon, La Source, Eau-Rouges, Les Combes, and Blanchimont have tested Formula One drivers for years. The circuit, spanning 7.004 kilometers, is the longest in Formula One, resulting in a 44-lap race. Known as the “Ardennes Rollercoaster,” its 100-meter elevation change and numerous curves create intense centrifugal forces. The track, comprising 19 curves (10 left and 9 right), has hosted the Belgian Grand Prix since 1925, becoming part of the Formula One World Championship in 1950.

Record-Breaking Moments at Spa

The fastest lap at Spa was set by Sebastian Vettel in a Ferrari during the 2018 Belgian Grand Prix’s qualifiers (1:41.501 minutes). Valtteri Bottas, in a Mercedes, recorded the highest speed (359.7 km/h) in 2018. Michael Schumacher holds the record for the most wins (six), and Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, and Juan Manuel Fangio share the record for the most pole positions (seven each).

Belgian Grand Prix Winners

The table lists winners from various years, showcasing the achievements of pilots like M. Verstappen, L. Hamilton, and others, representing teams like Red Bull, Mercedes-AMG, and Ferrari.

2022M. VerstappenRed Bull
2021M. VerstappenRed Bull / Honda
2020L. HamiltonMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2019C. LeclercFerrari / Ferrari
2018S. VettelFerrari / Ferrari
2017L. HamiltonMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2016N. RosbergMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2015L. HamiltonMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2014D. RicciardoRed Bull / Renault
2013S. VettelRed Bull / Renault
2012J. ButtonMcLaren / Mercedes
2011S. VettelRed Bull / Renault
2010L. HamiltonMcLaren / Mercedes
2009K. RäikkönenFerrari / Ferrari
2008F. MassaFerrari / Ferrari
2007K. RäikkönenFerrari / Ferrari
2005K. RäikkönenMcLaren / Mercedes
2004K. RäikkönenMcLaren / Mercedes
2002M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
2001M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
2000M. HäkkinenMcLaren / Mercedes
1999D. CoulthardMcLaren / Mercedes
1998D. HillJordan / Mugen-Honda
1997M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
1996M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
1995M. SchumacherBenetton / Renault
1994D. HillWilliams / Renault
1993D. HillWilliams / Renault
1992M. SchumacherBenetton / Ford
1991A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1990A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1989A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1988A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1987A. ProstMcLaren / TAG
1986N. MansellWilliams / Honda
1985A. SennaLotus / Renault
1983A. ProstRenault / Renault
1970P. RodriguezBRM / BRM
1968B. McLarenMcLaren / Ford
1967D. GurneyEagle / Weslake
1966J. SurteesFerrari / Ferrari
1965J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1964J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1963J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1962J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1961P. HillFerrari / Ferrari
1960J. BrabhamCooper / Climax
1958T. BrooksVanwall / Vanwall
1956P. CollinsFerrari / Ferrari
1955J. M. FangioMercedes / Mercedes
1954J. M. FangioMercedes / Mercedes
1953A. AscariFerrari / Ferrari
1952A. AscariFerrari / Ferrari
1951G. FarinaAlfa Romeo / Alfa Romeo
1950J. M. FangioAlfa Romeo / Alfa Romeo

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