F1 Dutch Grand Prix – Park Zandvoort

The upcoming Dutch Grand Prix is shaping up to be a thrilling event. Nestled among scenic dunes, the Zandvoort track is renowned for its demanding course. Right from the outset, drivers are tested with the Tarzan curve, moving on to the intricate Hugenholtz bend, the challenging Scheivlak, and the high-speed Arie Luyendyk curve. The track’s limited width adds an extra layer of excitement, opening up possibilities for dramatic overtaking. Racing stars like Lewis Hamilton, along with local heroes Max Verstappen and Nyck de Vries, share a keen anticipation for this year’s riveting race at Zandvoort.

Schedule for the Dutch Grand Prix

The 2023 Dutch Grand Prix is set to take place from August 25 to 27 at Circuit Park Zandvoort. Just a week prior, the Formula 1 teams will have participated at Spa-Franchorchamps. Following Zandvoort, the next event on the Formula 1 agenda is the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Interesting Facts about the Dutch Grand Prix

The roots of Zandvoort’s connection to racing trace back to the late 1930s when a group of motorsport enthusiasts organized a race in the area. The inaugural event in 1939, conducted on a makeshift road circuit, was a tremendous hit. This led to the construction of a permanent racetrack, with the first race on this new track taking place on August 7, 1948. Zandvoort was officially added to the Formula One schedule in 1952.

In the 1970s, the track underwent modifications and introduced enhanced safety features. The most recent Formula 1 race prior to 2020 took place in 1985, with Niki Lauda emerging victorious. In 1999, the circuit was expanded to its current 4.3 kilometers. For the 2020 F1 Grand Prix, some alterations were made to the track while preserving its distinctive character.

After a hiatus, the Dutch Grand Prix rejoined the Formula One calendar in 2020. However, the global Corona pandemic led to the cancellation of that year’s race.

2021 marked the return of Formula 1 racing to Zandvoort after 36 years, much to the delight of local fans. Max Verstappen won the race, besting Lewis Hamilton, to the cheer of the home crowd.

Unique Aspects of Circuit Park Zandvoort

Circuit Park Zandvoort is known for its challenging curves, notably the Hugenholtz and Arie Luyendijk turns. These concave, steep curves are more pronounced than those at Indianapolis, facilitating overtaking maneuvers for the drivers.

The race comprises 72 laps, each lap spanning 4.259 kilometers, totaling a race distance of 306.587 kilometers. Under dry conditions, the race duration is typically around 90 minutes.

Remarkable Achievements at the Dutch Grand Prix

In 2021, Lewis Hamilton set a lap record of 1:11.097 minutes in his Mercedes, a record that remains unbeaten. In the same year, Max Verstappen achieved a notable lap time of 1:08.885 minutes in qualifying with his Red Bull Honda.

Jim Clark from the United Kingdom holds the record for the most wins at this circuit, having triumphed four times. Rene Arnoux of France has achieved pole position three times at this venue.

Winners of the Dutch Grand Prix

2022M. VerstappenRed Bull
2021M. VerstappenRed Bull / Honda
2020L. HamiltonMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2019C. LeclercFerrari / Ferrari
2018S. VettelFerrari / Ferrari
2017L. HamiltonMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2016N. RosbergMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2015L. HamiltonMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2014D. RicciardoRed Bull / Renault
2013S. VettelRed Bull / Renault
2012J. ButtonMcLaren / Mercedes
2011S. VettelRed Bull / Renault
2010L. HamiltonMcLaren / Mercedes
2009K. RäikkönenFerrari / Ferrari
2008F. MassaFerrari / Ferrari
2007K. RäikkönenFerrari / Ferrari
2005K. RäikkönenMcLaren / Mercedes
2004K. RäikkönenMcLaren / Mercedes
2002M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
2001M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
2000M. HäkkinenMcLaren / Mercedes
1999D. CoulthardMcLaren / Mercedes
1998D. HillJordan / Mugen-Honda
1997M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
1996M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
1995M. SchumacherBenetton / Renault
1994D. HillWilliams / Renault
1993D. HillWilliams / Renault
1992M. SchumacherBenetton / Ford
1991A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1990A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1989A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1988A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1987A. ProstMcLaren / TAG
1986N. MansellWilliams / Honda
1985A. SennaLotus / Renault
1983A. ProstRenault / Renault
1970P. RodriguezBRM / BRM
1968B. McLarenMcLaren / Ford
1967D. GurneyEagle / Weslake
1966J. SurteesFerrari / Ferrari
1965J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1964J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1963J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1962J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1961P. HillFerrari / Ferrari
1960J. BrabhamCooper / Climax
1958T. BrooksVanwall / Vanwall
1956P. CollinsFerrari / Ferrari
1955J. M. FangioMercedes / Mercedes
1954J. M. FangioMercedes / Mercedes
1953A. AscariFerrari / Ferrari
1952A. AscariFerrari / Ferrari
1951G. FarinaAlfa Romeo / Alfa Romeo
1950J. M. FangioAlfa Romeo / Alfa Romeo

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