Hey, my name is Thorsten

I’m a frontend developer / consultant @Thinktecture here in Germany. I’m currently focussing cross platform development using web technologies like Angular 2, GitHub’s Electron, Gulp.JS and Apache Cordova. Besides crafting new modern business applications, I do a lot of individual workshops to teach other developers.

I love tweaking my mac to get even more more productive. That’s why I wrote some posts on things like NVM or oh-my-zsh in combination with iTerm2.

Thorsten Hans

Here at Thinktecture, I found fantastic co workers and with this amazing team, we’re doing our best to push customer satisfaction to new levels each and every day.


Because of my strong community contributions I’ve been awarded five times as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. In addition to my blog, I’m publishing frequently in popular german developer magazines about interesting development topics. Public speaking is of course another part of my community contributions. Over the past years I’ve successfully delivered more than 200 talks. It was a honor to deliver talks for conferences like

to name just a few.

There were tons of user groups, meetups, community and professional conferences.

Open Source

With ShareCoffee I’ve created a well adopted open source library which is abstracting SharePoint’s different REST endpoints and contextual pitfalls which is available for free on NuGet, Bower.IO or directly on Github. More information about ShareCoffee can be found right here.


Besides frontend development I have another great hobby. My Olympus OM-D EM1 makes me happy almost every day. Are you also taking photos? Reach out perhaps we can meet up at one of the many conferences I’m participating and do a photowalk.