About Us – Team & Culture

We are a team of 3 young and energetic people who work on developing the xplatform as a source of reliable information. And oftentimes we are supported by freelancers. This is important to us as we would like to help our readers to make the right decision for their needs. And we achieve that by being transparent and offering safe solutions.

We highly value transparency, safety, and building and maintaining relationships with our community. In addition, we support a culture that is fun, creative, and everyone is welcome to voice their opinion when making decisions and improvements related to the products.


Our mission is to make VPN products understandable, easy to use, and safe by delivering content that is trustworthy and engaging. The reason we do it is that we would love to bring more clarity around those products and make them accessible to everyone to use.

Although VPNs are safe to use in most countries we understand there may be risks such as data leaks and misuse. And yes, there are a few countries in the world where the use of VPNs is illegal even for sending Whatsapp texts and video calls. Therefore it is definitely worth it to get well informed.


When we look into the future, we would like to make the world a little bit better and safer. Shaping the world through trustworthy information in the IT sector and becoming a global platform for related topics and preferred space for our visitors to get information is what drives us forward.

Meet & Greet the Team

Hey, I’m Jane! I’m 24 years old and currently working as the content editor for the website. Besides reading like a worm, my interests include gardening and walking with my two dogs. My greatest passion in life is about finding great thoughts from inspiring authors that help me understand the world around me a bit better.

I’m Patrick. I am 28 years old and come from Seattle. I’m currently responsible for the web developments and the technical maintenance of the website. In my free time, I like running and being in nature, most probably doing extreme sports.

Hi! My name is Steven and I’m responsible for our strategic direction. It has also been a dream of mine to contribute to the community and people around me to be better off in a way.

And I saw people would get frustrated that they could not rely on their service provider or have technical issues like not being able to connect to the Wi-fi or a PlayStation. So, we started this project hoping that it will bring practical tips to whoever may be frustrated with their issues and be googling how to solve them.

Besides that, I’m also a family man and love to play with my daughter and our pet, more precisely, the giant rabbit.