Treat your iTerm2 like Guake

iTerm2 is a real productivity boost for MacOS users. There are numerous great features built in the terminal replacement. This article will explain how to configure the hotkey window iTerm is offering. I already wrote an post on how to configure iTerm2 with oh-my-zsh here. Over the past couple of...

October 15, 2016
HTML5 notifications in electron apps with Angular 2

In electron applications, HTML5 Notification API is essential to keep users informed. Electron is bridging incoming calls to the HTML5 notification API to native notification APIs offered by all supported platforms. Create a notification It’s straight forward to create new notifications. An instance of the Notification class is all you...

July 22, 2016
Using Augury inside of your Electron Apps

Writing apps using GitHub’s Electron is a fairly easy task. The framework and community driven tools are taking away a lot of pain from you as developer. Nevertheless it is important to have powerful debugging tools working in every environment. Augury (created by Rangle.IO) is currently the most powerful debugging...

July 02, 2016
Thank you community - MVP 2016

It’s not a fool. It’s the 1st of April and again I received great news from Microsoft. Due to my community contributions, I was awarded again as Microsoft MVP. As many of you already know, I’ve done a huge shift when it comes to my profession. I’ve joined @Thinktecture back...

April 04, 2016
Angular 2 Quickie - Why can't I compile my Angular2 app anymore

Staying on top of the technology stack is sometimes really hard. The Angular core team tries to do it’s best to keep breaking changes as seldom as possible. Due to the fact that Angular 2 is still in beta, breaking changes may happen. I was facing some issues while catching...

February 15, 2016
Angular2 and Electron - The definitive guide

Building cross platform apps for desktop operating systems became really simple compared to the past. With GitHub’s Electron is a framework available that takes away the pain for abstracting all common platform APIs from us as web developers. Electron makes it easy to host Single Page Applications (short SPAs) within...

February 14, 2016
NW.js and Electron compared

I’ve spent a lot of time doing cross platform development over the past year with a huge workload on cross platform desktop development. During that time, I found some customers and blog readers asking me if they should go for NW.js or if they should go direction Electron. There is...

February 09, 2016
Angular2 Quickie - Async Routes

Angular2 ships with it’s own component router. The router makes it easy to compose complex applications from a bunch of components. Multiple routers could easily be nested to achieve almost every requirement for a SPA. When using regular routes, all files from your SPA will be transferred to the client...

February 09, 2016
Jade-up your Angular2 markup

Can you imagine the combination of Angular 2 and Jade is super awesome and timesaving? If not, read the following lines and reconsider! When building SPAs using Angular2 or AngularJS, you will use custom HTML markup extensions (aka directives) to instrument Angular how to render your SPA or how the...

February 05, 2016
Be more productive with Jade

Jade is like HTML on steroids. Once learned, you’ll never miss it. This isn’t my first post on Jade. I’ve already written an article about it back in 2013. If you didn’t read it yet, take your time, go and read through the introduction. This post will cover only a...

February 04, 2016