The 2024 Formula 1 Racing Season: Starting with a Bang in Bahrain

This year’s Formula 1 racing season kicks off at the stunning Bahrain International Circuit, hosting the acclaimed Sakhir Grand Prix amidst the desert’s allure. A familiar venue since 2004, the circuit is once again the center of attention in the world of Formula 1, before the action shifts to the Jeddah Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia.

Lewis Hamilton had a strong start to the 2020 season, edging out Max Verstappen at the Sakhir GP. However, as the season concluded, Verstappen turned the tables, clinching his world title in Abu Dhabi.

Exploring the Sakhir GP: The Bahrain International Circuit

Spanning 5.412 kilometers per lap, the Bahrain International Circuit challenges drivers to complete 57 laps clockwise. The track’s design, with about 70 percent of the lap at full throttle, significantly wears down tires and brakes. The desert environment, with its sand and dust, adds an extra layer of complexity.

Michael Schumacher, a German racing icon, set a lap record here in 2004, completing a lap in 1:30.252 minutes in his Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton, a name synonymous with speed, holds the record for the quickest qualifying lap at 1:27.264 minutes and boasts five victories at this circuit.

Since 2014, the Sakhir race has been a night event, a strategic move to shield drivers from the intense heat and sunlight. The circuit, a brainchild of German designer Hermann Tilke, features 14 turns and four high-speed straights. Notably, during the 2020 season, amidst the global pandemic, two races were held here, with the additional race using the shorter Outer Circuit.

Champions of the Bahrain Grand Prix

The Bahrain Grand Prix has seen champions like Hamilton, Sergio Pérez, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, and Fernando Alonso claim victory. However, 2011 was an exception due to political unrest. The list of winners from recent years includes:

  • 2021 – Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2020 – Sergio Pérez Racing Point Mercedes
  • 2020 – Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2019 – Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2018 – Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
  • 2017 – Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
  • 2016 – Nico Rosberg Mercedes
  • 2015 – Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2014 – Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2013 – Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2013 – Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Renault
  • 2012 – Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Renault
  • 2011 – no Formula 1 race
  • 2010 – Fernando Alonso Ferrari
  • 2009 – Jenson Button Brawn Mercedes
  • 2008 – Felipe Massa Ferrari
  • 2007 – Felipe Massa Ferrari
  • 2006 – Fernando Alonso Renault
  • 2005 – Fernando Alonso Renault
  • 2004 – Michael Schumacher Ferrari

Discovering Bahrain-Sakhir Beyond the Circuit

While Sakhir is renowned for its Formula One circuit, the region offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and modern attractions. These include:

  1. Bahrain International Circuit: Not just for the Grand Prix, but also for a variety of motorsport events and driving experiences.
  2. Al-Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve: A glimpse into the desert’s native flora and fauna.
  3. Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park: Family-friendly fun just a short drive from Sakhir.
  4. Sakhir Tower: Offering panoramic views of the circuit and the surrounding landscape.
  5. University of Bahrain: Architecturally intriguing and an educational hub.
  6. Desert Tours: Experience the breathtaking Bahraini desert through safaris.
  7. Local Markets and Souks: Dive into Bahrain’s culture with traditional food and crafts.
  8. Golf Courses: Lush green oases amidst the desert.

Streaming Formula 1: A Free Alternative

For Motorsports enthusiasts without a pay-TV subscription, there’s a way to stream the entire Formula 1 season for free. This offers fans a chance to stay connected with every thrilling moment of the race.

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