The Thrilling 2024 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Finale

The finale of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was a spectacle that captured the world’s attention. Were you among the viewers? The intense competition between two remarkable talents, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, reached its peak in excitement! The final lap was a heart-stopping moment where Max Verstappen clinched his first world championship, leaving fans worldwide in awe of his extraordinary performance.

Discovering the Yas Marina Circuit

The Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, a masterpiece crafted by the famous German race track architect Hermann Tilke, is nothing short of a marvel. Tilke, celebrated for his proficiency in designing race tracks, has a portfolio of various tracks across the globe.

This circuit, renowned for its moderate difficulty, offers a well-rounded driving experience. It blends a mix of long straight paths, sharp turns, and intricate sections, making it a challenge for both drivers and their machines. The circuit promises enthralling overtaking moves and intense rivalries.

Moreover, Tilke’s design seamlessly integrates the Yas Marina Circuit with the stunning backdrop of Yas Island. Spectators are treated to breathtaking views of the shimmering sea and Abu Dhabi’s majestic skyline, combining technical ingenuity with scenic beauty. This blend makes Yas Marina Circuit an unparalleled Formula One destination.

Hermann Tilke’s Yas Marina Circuit is a testament to his ability to balance challenging track design with aesthetic appeal. It has become a beloved staple in the Formula One series, thrilling drivers, teams, and fans alike.

Key Facts About the Yas Marina Circuit

  • Track Length: The Yas Marina Circuit stretches over 5.554 kilometers.
  • Number of Corners: It features 21 corners, ranging from tight hairpins and swift chicanes to sweeping curves.
  • Inauguration Year: Since its opening in 2009, the circuit has been the home of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
  • Lighting System: Its state-of-the-art floodlighting system allows for night races, adding to the spectacle.
  • Season Finale Venue: The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina is traditionally the final race of the F1 season, drawing global attention.
  • Luxurious Locale: Situated on the man-made Yas Island, the circuit is surrounded by opulent amenities and stunning architecture.
  • Grandstand Capacity: Over 60,000 spectators can enjoy the race live from the grandstands.
  • Title Decider: The circuit’s unique layout often makes it the battleground for the Formula 1 World Championship title fight.

Champions of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in Recent Years

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in Formula 1 has been a stage for some of the most thrilling races and dramatic title showdowns. Each year, elite drivers converge at the Yas Marina Circuit for a gripping battle for supremacy. Next, we’ll explore the list of victors from past years, diving into the rich history of this celebrated Formula One event.

Below is a list of F1 drivers who have emerged victorious in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix over the past decade.

2022Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing Honda
2021Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing Honda
2020Max VerstappenRed Bull Racing Honda
2019Lewis HamiltonMercedes
2018Lewis HamiltonMercedes
2017Valtteri BottasMercedes
2016Lewis HamiltonMercedes
2015Nico RosbergMercedes
2014Lewis HamiltonMercedes
2013Sebastian VettelRed Bull Racing Renault
2012Kimi RäikkönenLotus-Renault

Ways to Watch the Abu Dhabi GP for Free

Interested in catching the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix without a subscription to pay-TV? It’s entirely possible by leveraging a VPN service. By connecting to servers in Austria or Switzerland, you can tune into the Grand Prix through channels like ServusTV, ORF1, or SRF. These offer free live broadcasts of Formula 1 races.

What’s Next After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

After the thrilling race in Las Vegas, the season finale takes place in Abu Dhabi. The next big event will be the Bahrain Grand Prix, which heralds the start of the new Formula 1 season. Fans can look forward to more exciting races in the new year.

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