Suzuka F1 race – Japan Grand Prix Preview

The Suzuka Grand Prix in Japan is scheduled for September 22-24, 2023. This Formula One event follows the Singapore Grand Prix and precedes the Qatar Grand Prix in Doha.

A Brief History of the Japan Grand Prix

Since its inception in 1963, the Japan Grand Prix has been a highlight in motorsports. Initially, the races alternated between the Suzuka track and Fuji Speedway. The event first joined the official Formula One calendar in 1976 and 1977, with races at Fuji. From 1986 to 2006, Suzuka International Racing Course became the exclusive venue, and since 2009, it has been the permanent home of the Japan Grand Prix, despite the pause in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

Suzuka International Racing Course: A Unique Circuit

Spanning 5.807 kilometers, the Suzuka International Racing Course is known for its distinctive figure-8 layout, the only one of its kind in Formula One. The circuit challenges drivers with its Esses Passage, the Dunlop Curve, and the tricky Degner Curve. Its unpredictable weather adds an extra layer of excitement, making each race a test of skill and strategy.

Record-Breaking Moments at Suzuka

Lewis Hamilton set the fastest race lap record at the Japan Grand Prix in 2019. However, the all-time fastest lap was clocked by Sebastian Vettel in his Ferrari during the 2019 qualifiers. Michael Schumacher remains a legend here, with the most wins and pole positions.

Champions of the Japan Grand Prix

The table of winners highlights champions like Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and many others who have conquered this challenging circuit over the years.

2022Max Verstappen (Red Bull-Renault)Suzuka
2021No race due to corona pandemicSuzuka
2020No race due to corona pandemicSuzuka
2019Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)Suzuka
2018Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)Suzuka
2017Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)Suzuka
2016Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)Suzuka
2015Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)Suzuka
2014Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)Suzuka
2013Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull-Renault)Suzuka
2012Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull-Renault)Suzuka
2011Jenson Button (McLaren-Mercedes)Suzuka
2010Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull-Renault)Suzuka
2009Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull-Renault)Suzuka
2008Fernando Alonso (Renault)Fuji
2007Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes)Fuji
2006Fernando Alonso (Renault)Suzuka
2005Kimi Räikkönen (McLaren-Mercedes)Suzuka
2004Michael Schumacher (Ferrari)Suzuka
2003Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari)Suzuka
2002Michael Schumacher (Ferrari)Suzuka
2001Michael Schumacher (Ferrari)Suzuka
2000Michael Schumacher (Ferrari)Suzuka
1999Mika Häkkinen (McLaren-Mercedes)Suzuka
1998Mika Häkkinen (McLaren-Mercedes)Suzuka
1997Michael Schumacher (Ferrari)Suzuka
1996Damon Hill (Williams-Renault)Suzuka
1995Michael Schumacher (Benetton-Renault)Suzuka
1994Damon Hill (Williams-Renault)Suzuka
1993Ayrton Senna (McLaren-Ford)Suzuka
1992Riccardo Patrese (Williams-Renault)Suzuka
1991Gerhard Berger (McLaren-Honda)Suzuka
1990Nelson Piquet (Benetton-Ford)Suzuka
1989Alessandro Nannini (Benetton-Ford)Suzuka
1988Ayrton Senna (McLaren-Honda)Suzuka
1987Gerhard Berger (Ferrari)Suzuka
1978-1986No Japanese Grand Prix
1977James Hunt (McLaren-Ford)Fuji
1976Mario Andretti (Lotus-Ford)Fuji
1975Masahiro Hasemi (March)Fuji
1974No Japanese Grand Prix
1973Motoharu Kurosawa (March)Fuji
1972John Surtees (Surtees)Fuji
1971Kuniomi Nagamatsu (Mitsubishi)Fuji
1970No Japanese Grand Prix
1969Motoharu Kurosawa (Nissan)Fuji
1968Moto Kitano (Nissan)Fuji
1967Tetsu Ikuzawa (Porsche)Fuji
1966Yoshikazu Sunako (Prince)Fuji
1965No Japanese Grand Prix
1964Michael Knight (Brabham)Suzuka
1963Peter Warr (Lotus-Cosworth)Suzuka

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