Stream Six Nations Rugby for free abroad

As a rugby fan, you can’t miss the Six Nations, the most important rugby tournament of the year. I’ll show you how you can stream the Six Nations for free abroad. For this you need a good VPN like the one from NordVPN. Licensing rights, pay-TV and geoblocking are the reasons why you can’t easily stream the Six Nations at home for free. More about this later.

These foreign streams broadcast the Six Nations on free TV:

Country (VPN Server)ChannelLanguage
EnglandBBC iPlayer + IPTVEnglish
FranceFrance 2French
IrelandRTE or VirginEnglish

How to stream Six Nations Rugby for free abroad

You want to stream the rugby tournament of the year for free? I’ll explain it to you with the solution via BBC and IPTV in England:

Time needed: 15 minutes

Watch all Six Nations rugby matches – it’s free:

  1. You need a VPN that can bypass geoblocking

    Get a reliable VPN like NordVPN or CyberGhost – these two services are known to work around geoblocking very well. ITV and BBC broadcast the games only in England and that’s why you need a VPN with local servers. Analogous for Italy, France and Ireland.

  2. Connect to a server

    The next step is to connect to one of these servers in England. This will give you a local English IP address and it will look like you are on site.

  3. Find out which channel shows which game

    BBC ( and ITV ( usually show the matches in rotation. Find out in time, who broadcasts which match of the Six Nations. With both broadcasters you have to create an account and register for free. Registration requires you to enter a zip code in England… pick one!

  4. Finished!

    Now you can start the free stream of the Six Nations.

Which countries participate in the Six Nations?

The Six Nations brings together the best teams from Europe. England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy fight each year for the coveted rugby crown. Italy is the biggest underdog in this tournament, but they are increasingly causing big surprises. Italy is improving year by year and I am curious to see who they will upset this year.

The rules of the Six Nations – Rugby rules explained in brief

You are interested in the tournament, but you have some gaps in the rules? Here briefly the scoring system of the rugby tournament, as it can cause some wonderment:

  • Four points are awarded for a win.
  • In case of a draw, each team gets two points.
  • A team gets a try bonus point if it lays 4 or more tries in a game.
  • If a team loses by 7 or fewer points, the team receives a losing bonus point.
  • If a team manages a Grand Slam, i.e. wins all 5 games, then it gets 3 extra points.

The bonus points system is designed to make teams play as offensively as possible and not just give up when victory seems hopeless.

The best VPNs to watch Six Nations for free

In principle, any VPN that can successfully bypass geoblocking of one of the channels listed above will work. However, the service should deliver high speeds, otherwise Six Nations streaming is no fun. Below are two VPN providers that I have had excellent experiences with when streaming Six Nations for free.


The provider is perfect for streaming the Six Nations for free via the channels listed above abroad. The VPN unlocks all of the above channels and geoblocking is no longer a problem. I tested it myself with all variants and it works flawlessly.

NordVPN allows the connection of 6 devices at the same time. But it also allows you to use it on a router, which allows you to connect devices like smart TVs and game consoles to the VPN.

The service supports all popular operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and even Linux – including Raspberry Pi.

NordVPN has an adblocker that also protects against malware, phishing and trackers.

Another special feature of NordVPN is the cloaking servers (Obfuscate). This allows the service to work even in countries with VPN blocks, such as China, Turkey, Egypt, and Russia.

The Kill Switch protects your devices in case the connection to the VPN fails accidentally. The app will immediately disconnect your Internet connection until a connection with a VPN server is restored.

You can even try NordVPN for free and risk-free because it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


CyberGhost is cheaper than NordVPN, but can bypass geoblocking just as well. You can also use it to unblock the above mentioned channels to watch Six Nations for free abroad without any problems.

CyberGhost allows 7 simultaneous device connections. Of course, you may also use this provider on a router to connect your Playstation, Xbox or Smart TV to it.

CyberGhost offers one of the best and most user-friendly Android apps I know of. Besides WireGuard, CyberGhost also offers OpenVPN and if you use the latter VPN protocol as TCP, stealth mode is automatically enabled.

Otherwise, there are apps for all popular operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. There is even a GUI for the latter, and that is rather rare.

CyberGhost also has an adblocker that protects against other cyber threats – phishing, trackers and malware.

CyberGhost also offers a money-back guarantee. This is valid for 45 days.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about the Six Nations

Can I stream Six Nations Rugby for free?

Yes, you can. This works with the TV channels listed above abroad.

Can I watch Six Nations Rugby with a free VPN?

Probably not, and if so, then in an extremely poor quality. We run into several problems here. Most free VPNs limit the data volume and it is not enough to watch a complete game. Other free VPNs throttle the bandwidth and that’s why streaming is not possible without annoying interruptions to load the data. Another hurdle is that free VPNs only offer servers in a few countries.

Is it legal to stream the Six Nations with a VPN?

You are most likely violating the terms of use of some streaming providers. In the worst case, this will lead to an exclusion from the broadcaster. However, with a VPN you are anonymous on the Internet.
VPNs are completely legal in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. However, they are not a license to break the law. Even if you use a VPN, you must comply with the respective legislation.
However, there are countries where VPNs are illegal or restricted. These include China, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Iran and so on. If you’re traveling abroad, check the laws before you go – they’re known to change.

Where will the Six Nations be broadcast for free?

I only found free legal streams in England, France, Ireland and Italy. I have listed the respective channels of the free TV countries in the list at the beginning of the article.

Can I stream Six Nations on my phone or tablet?

Of course it works. Either you open the websites of the services, which are of course optimized for mobile devices, or you get the corresponding apps.
With a VPN, you can watch Six Nations for free on the go and never miss a game.