How to Bypass Geo-Blocking?

Many people want to access geo-restricted online content. For instance, they try to bypass geo-blocking on Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other streaming sites. Or here’s an even more precise example: let’s say they try to access BBC iPlayer from outside the UK. Well, they will be blocked as they are not within the UK. Do you know what this means? Keep reading and find out. SPOILER: It’s annoying and restricts your freedom of choice.

Technological advancements now allow you to bypass these nasty geo-blocks without even realizing it. The goal of bypassing geo-blocking is to enjoy online content from different parts of the world. The best ways that are widely known to bypass this problem now are to use a VPN or to use a Proxy server. Bypassing geo-blocking is very easy with those two options.  

What Is Geo-blocking?

The act of blocking access to people in geographical locations outside of their service area – that’s what geo-blocking is. The technology (also known as geo-filtering) is used by many services to restrict access to content based on geographic location. Basically, the services detect when a user is not in the location where their subscription was originally obtained and they get denied access to some material.

When you go to watch movies online and find out that some of them are restricted in your country that means you’ve been geo-filtered. This can also happen if you try to place an order online for something only to be told it’s not available where you live or it would cost extra money because of postage costs or currency exchange rates.

Geoblocking Bypass With a VPN

It is ridiculously easy to bypass geo-blocking with a VPN service provider and there will be no limits whatsoever. A VPN is an essential tool if you want to bypass geo-blocking and watch your favorite movies, listen to music or shop online without the hassle of countries’ restrictions getting in the way.

It works by rerouting your Internet connection through a server in another country to bypass geo-blocking restrictions. In other words, it changes your IP address to that of the country where the content is being broadcast from.

How to Bypass Geo-Blocking With a VPN

You will need to subscribe to a VPN service and download the Client so you’ll be able to bypass geo-blocking in just a couple of minutes. After that, all you have to do is select a server from a different location and enjoy the content you want.

So all you need to do is sign up for a carefully chosen reputable VPN service and then it will connect you via an encrypted connection to another server where the restricted content is available. There are many different VPNs available, but be sure to choose one that bypasses geo-blocking before you sign up for any plan.

Geo-Blocking Bypass With a Proxy Server

Using a proxy is not as effective as a VPN as all it does is change the IP address of the browser you are using to access the site, rather than bypassing geo-blocking completely. But it’s still an option.

So proxy bypasses geo-blocking by hiding your real location and making a proxy server think that you’re located somewhere else. That way you can bypass geo-blocking without any special software or VPNs because your computer already has access to proxy servers, which act as middlemen between your computer and internet sites.

How to Bypass Geo-blocking With Proxy?

Let’s explain it in three easy steps:

  • Step 1. Connect to a proxy bypass server. Go to a website that offers you a list of proxies. After doing this, select one from their list and tap on the submit button.
  • Step 2. A new browser window will open with the proxy bypass server’s address as its URL which you can use to bypass geo-blocking on the current web page of your choice.
  • Step 3. If you’re bypassing geo-blocking of YouTube videos, just right-click on the video and select “settings”. The URL box will appear, so you can enter the proxy bypass server’s address into that box then tap on the OK button to start bypassing geo-blocking and watching videos without any restrictions.


What is a better option for bypassing geo-blocking – VPN or proxy?

It is advisable to use a VPN rather than a proxy as a VPN bypasses geo-blocking on both mobile devices and computers. Proxy is not as effective as a Virtual Private Network service as all it does is change the IP address of the browser that is being used to access a certain site, rather than bypassing geo-blocking completely.

Is geo-blocking legal?

Yes, it is. But so is the usage of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), at least in most countries. If the government in a certain country is very strict you should first check out its laws and regulations.

What are some good VPNs for bypassing geo-blocking?

You should choose a paid reputable VPN service. Using a free VPN for geo-blocking bypass is not advisable at all. NordVPN, ExpressVPN and Surfshark are great reliable VPNs.