UEFA Champions League Free TV abroad

You want to watch the UEFA Champions League on free TV abroad? Then I’ll show you how it works with a good VPN like the one from NordVPN. Below are the foreign channels and streams that still broadcast the UEFA Champions League free and legally on free TV:

Watching Champions League free TV abroad is possible, but only with a good VPN

Every year the best soccer teams in Europe compete against each other to be crowned as Champions League winners. Of course, you’ll see the best clubs in the competition competing against each other. For example, Bayern Munich, Juventus Turin, Manchester United, Paris St. Germain, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and FC Barcelona. Teams from England, Spain and Germany in particular regularly get very far in the tournament. It is always the most exciting soccer tournament of the year, where no soccer fan wants to miss the games of their stars.

Soccer has become a big business. If you want to watch top soccer as a soccer fan, you have to pay a lot of money for pay TV and stadium visits. That’s why I did a little research on where you can still watch UEFA Champions League abroad on free TV. With the free TV channels listed above, you can watch it legally and for free with a good VPN.

Guide: How to watch Champions League abroad for free

Time needed: 15 minutes

Here’s a quick guide on how to watch Champions League matches on free TV abroad.

  1. Get a reliable VPN

    First of all, you need to know which streaming provider you want to use. Choose from the list of free TV channels above. Before that, you should choose a reliable VPN with which you want to watch the Champions League. I advise you to use NordVPN or CyberGhost. I use both myself all the time and it works perfectly.

  2. Install the VPN on your devices and connect

    Decide on which devices you want to watch Champions League on free TV abroad. Install the VPN on all your devices – whether Android, Windows, macOS, iOS or Linux.

  3. Connect to the VPN server

    Once the VPN software is installed on your device, you can connect to your destination country. In the list, the VPN server_countries are in brackets after the free TV channels.

  4. Visit the streaming provider

    Once you have dialed in to the right country, simply visit the streaming provider’s website.

Champions League abroad for free on free TV

In some countries, Champions League matches continue to be shown free of charge. ServusTV Austria (servustv.com), for example, shows certain matches on Wednesdays. Especially in the preliminary round, the channel focuses on teams from its own country, but also on those with Austrian players or coaches. However, the broadcasts are subject to geoblocking and you need an Austrian IP address. With a good VPN like NordVPN or CyberGhost, this is no problem. You can use it to unblock the channel.

However, Champions League free TV abroad is also possible via other broadcasters. RTL Luxembourg or Belgium also stream various games for free. However, you need an IP address in Luxembourg or Belgium.

Why is it so complicated?

OK, it’s actually not as complicated as it sounds. The software of the best VPN providers is very user-friendly and even technically less experienced people can cope with it.

The problem at this point is called geoblocking. The broadcasters and streaming providers in the individual countries only have the license to broadcast the respective Champions League game in a certain region.

However, based on your IP address, the streaming providers know in which country you are located. If you come from England, for example, and want to stream ServusTV Austria, the service will block you, stating that the desired broadcast cannot be transmitted for legal reasons.

If you are on vacation in Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium or another country with free Champions League broadcasts on free TVL, the situation is of course different. If you use the WLAN in your Airbnb, hotel or a SIM card from the corresponding country, you will also get a correct IP address and the broadcasters will not block you anyway.

However, if you are not in the corresponding country and connect to a server in Austria, for example, and then visit the website of the Austrian streaming provider, the provider thinks you are physically there. Now the regional block is lifted and you can stream Champions League on free TV.

What can I do if it does not work right away?

There are a few reasons why streaming does not work despite VPN and also a few solutions.

If you are using Android or iOS, the mobile apps of the respective streaming providers often work better than browsers.

With various streaming providers, some browsers have problems and in this case just try another internet browser. It can also help to delete cookies and cache or to use the incognito mode. In Firefox this is called private window.

It also happens that your server is unmasked. Disconnect and connect to another server. This has also helped me.

The best VPN services also provide browser extensions that act as a proxy. This often works better. Proxies aren’t as secure, but they are faster and when streaming you want speed.

The VPN protocol can also play a role. Change it if it doesn’t work at all. You can change it with the best services directly in the app with a few clicks.

The fact is, if you’re smart and look around a bit, you can watch a lot of interesting Champions League games for free – it’s very easy to save money here!

FAQ – Questions and answers about streaming

You still have some questions about the Champions League on free TV? Maybe you’ll find the right answers in this section.

Can I watch Champions League for free?

Yes, this is possible, but not everywhere anymore. There are several foreign broadcasters that stream UEFA Champions League matches on free TV. At the beginning of the article I have put a list of the channels that I have found.

Which channels show CL for free?

ZDF (Champions League final only) (VPN Germany)
ServusTV Austria (VPN Austria)
RTL Luxemburg (VPN Luxembourg)
RTL Zwee (VPN Luxembourg)
Canale 5 (VPN Italy)
Club RTL (VPN Belgium)

Is it legal to watch Champions League with a VPN for free?

Many believe that it is not illegal to bypass geoblocking and watch Champions League on free TV via foreign countries. You are almost certainly violating the terms of use of the streaming providers. It’s best to find out for yourself how this is regulated in your location.