SPScriptlet 4: Launch modal dialogs from ECB CustomActions from within the HostWeb

When you’re building Apps for SharePoint 2013 you can create Pages, Client Parts or CustomActions. For CustomActions there are two different targets, either the Ribbon or the Edit Control Block (ECB) in both cases it’s not allowed to inject JavaScript. If SharePoint would allow adding JS in these

SPScriptlet 2

Within SPScriptlet 2 I'll show how to use SharePoint 2013's REST API to query common SPI properties. In the following example I've built a SharePoint App using Napa, first of all it's important that your App has "Read" permissions on "Web" in order to ask for the web's title. If

Introducing SPScriptlets

SPScriptlets is a new category in my blog. Within the age of cloud computing it’s more and more important to consider using standardized APIs and frameworks. For any SharePoint developer this means using proven SharePoint APIs like ClientSideObjectModel (CSOM) in managed .NET ClientSideObjectModel (CSOM) in JavaScript SharePoint REST API