gitter for ShareCoffee is a great service for github hosted projects. By setting up gitter for your repos, you can create a chat where users, contributors and others can talk about your code. In order to centralize the questions and discussions about ShareCoffee, I've created such a chat room right here.

ShareCoffee 0.1.3

ShareCoffee 0.1.3 is available by now on NuGet and bower. It's only a small release at this time. Previously I've added ShareCoffee.Commons.infect() to ShareCoffee as described here. With 0.1.3 this method got an optional parameter which is very usefull for SharePoint Hosted Apps. If

ShareCoffee v0.1.2

A while ago I wrote about SharePoint Apps in MVC and how to get them working. With ShareCoffee v0.1.2 - which is already available on nuget and bower - you can now ensure that SPHostUrl is appended to all links in your Apps without making changes to spcontext.

ShareCoffee eBook

About a week ago I finally published my first eBook on leanpub. The book covers all the different ShareCoffee features and describes how to use them within SharePoint App projects. On about 100 pages all the different capabilities are explained and demonstrated using small code-snippets. There is also a short

ShareCoffee with JsonLight support

A few minutes ago, I've published Version 0.1.1 of ShareCoffee. It's available on NuGet and for downloading and upgrading if you're already using it. New in the current release is JsonLight support for Office365. If you're running on demand, your tenant is able to produce different

Slides and Demos from my SPC14 talk on ShareCoffee

As every year, SPC14 was a blast. It was amazing to connect with all the guys and girls from the SharePoint world. During this post I'm not going to summarize the SPC, so this post is only providing the content from my talk (#SPC417). First and most important are the
Slides from .NET UserGroup Frankfurt - Single Page Apps for SharePoint

Slides from .NET UserGroup Frankfurt - Single Page Apps for SharePoint

Last week I visited the .NET UserGroup in Frankfurt and talked about Single Page Apps (SPA) for SharePoint. Because many attendees didn't know the underlying SharePoint App Model, I decided to give a dedicated introduction to SharePoint Apps, which isn't part of the following slidedeck. Anyways, if you're running a

ShareCoffee 0.0.11 is available

During the last weeks I've added some new features to ShareCoffee which are now available in the most recent release. As for all previous versions you can grab a copy using NuGet or Bower.IO New Shorthand for ShareCoffee In order to save even more keystrokes when building Apps for

The ShareCoffee logo

I'm glad to present the new ShareCoffee logo. A big thank you to Oliver Jungmann for creating the awesome logo. A big thank you to Stefan Hübsch for providing his awesome new font Typocalypse Lichtspiele. For me as a developer it's always amazing to see people creating such logos in

ShareCoffee.UserProfiles is available

Today I've published the next AddOn for ShareCoffee. ShareCoffee.UserProfiles. It's providing a dedicated wrapper for SharePoint's UserProfiles API. By using the new AddOn you can easily configure REST requests for dealing with SharePoint's UserProfile REST API from both, SharePoint Hosted and Cloud-Hosted Apps. Installation You can install the AddOn

Write your own ShareCoffee AddOns using the yeoman generator

Today I’ve published a new yeoman generator which allows you to easily create new ShareCoffee AddOns. (view on github) If you haven’t heard of yeoman, you should definitely check out it’s website at By using such a yeoman generator you can start building web-apps or

Query FormDigestValue from SharePoint using ShareCoffee

When running in a SharePoint Hosted App you can easily receive the FormDigestValue by executing ShareCoffee.Commons.getFormDigest() which is very easy. But if you're executing queries from a plain HTML page sitting in your SharePoint hosted App - or in the case you're running in an Office App -

ShareCoffee.Search is available

I'm glad to announce the availability of ShareCoffee.Search (github)v0.0.1 ! Today I've published the first Add-On for ShareCoffee. By using ShareCoffee.Search (wich is also available on NuGet, and github) you can now easily execute Search queries from any kind of SharePoint App. ShareCoffee.Search

Using SharePoint 2013 Search REST API to execute PostQueries

Because I'm currently writing my first Add-on for ShareCoffee which will provide a fluent and easy way to program against SharePoint's Search Services, I had to dig a little bit deeper into SharePoint Search REST API. Executing Search requests as a GET request is really straight forward and there is