Create a lightweight REST service using Sinatra

Exposing data using a REST service is an easy task which can be achieved using almost any programming language. In the past I've used ASP.NET MVC WebApi to achieve this. But as soon as you've to run your service on different platforms, CLR isn't the best option. Programming languages

Query FormDigestValue from SharePoint using ShareCoffee

When running in a SharePoint Hosted App you can easily receive the FormDigestValue by executing ShareCoffee.Commons.getFormDigest() which is very easy. But if you're executing queries from a plain HTML page sitting in your SharePoint hosted App - or in the case you're running in an Office App -

ShareCoffee.Search is available

I'm glad to announce the availability of ShareCoffee.Search (github)v0.0.1 ! Today I've published the first Add-On for ShareCoffee. By using ShareCoffee.Search (wich is also available on NuGet, and github) you can now easily execute Search queries from any kind of SharePoint App. ShareCoffee.Search

Using SharePoint 2013 Search REST API to execute PostQueries

Because I'm currently writing my first Add-on for ShareCoffee which will provide a fluent and easy way to program against SharePoint's Search Services, I had to dig a little bit deeper into SharePoint Search REST API. Executing Search requests as a GET request is really straight forward and there is
ShareCoffee is available

ShareCoffee is available

I’ve published ShareCoffee today on github. ShareCoffee is a small library containing cool stuff for SharePoint App developers. ShareCoffee is entirely written in CoffeeScript using TDD approach with (Mocha, ChaiJS and SinonJS). Since the SharePoint App model is available I thought about writing this library, but within the last

Talking to SharePoint's REST Services with C# using RESTSharp

When it comes to SharePoint App Development (especially Cloud- and Provider Hosted Apps), most samples out there are demonstrating how to use CSOM from ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC. Most REST Samples are dedicated to client-side logic either in JavaScript, CoffeeScript or TypeScript. That’s fine for most scenarios,

Misguiding MSDN documentation on SharePoint's REST interface

Today I stumbled upon a documentation bug in MSDN (once more). When trying to access the list of all available WebTemplates on a web, this article describes that you can use SharePoint's REST interface by sending an HTTP POST request to

SPScriptlet 2

Within SPScriptlet 2 I'll show how to use SharePoint 2013's REST API to query common SPI properties. In the following example I've built a SharePoint App using Napa, first of all it's important that your App has "Read" permissions on "Web" in order to ask for the web's title. If