ShareCoffee 0.1.3

ShareCoffee 0.1.3 is available by now on NuGet and bower. It's only a small release at this time. Previously I've added ShareCoffee.Commons.infect() to ShareCoffee as described here. With 0.1.3 this method got an optional parameter which is very usefull for SharePoint Hosted Apps. If

ShareCoffee v0.1.2

A while ago I wrote about SharePoint Apps in MVC and how to get them working. With ShareCoffee v0.1.2 - which is already available on nuget and bower - you can now ensure that SPHostUrl is appended to all links in your Apps without making changes to spcontext.

What's new in ShareCoffee v0.0.8

Today I've published ShareCoffee v0.0.8. You can download the latest version from github or directly include the library into your project by using NuGet Bower.IO What's new in this release Within v0.0.8 are only a few new things in ShareCoffee. I've added a complete API