Office 365 API Tools Update

The Office365 API Team released a new version of Office 365 API Tools today. The new release can be downloaded directly from Visual Studio Gallery right here or by using Visual Studio's Extension Manager Window. With this version the Tools are official out of preview.

A shift of personal interests - Hello Xamarin

Over the past years I've focused mostly on SharePoint development and how to make developing SharePoint Solutions and Apps more fun by integrating other technologies and frameworks. For now I'm fine with my default stack which is SharePoint Provider Hosted App MVC 5 fundament AngularJS Frontends A few of you

Implementing CRUD with Office365 APIs

Within the current preview version Office365 API's are generating only a sample how to read data. Because I got some questions on how to write new entities back to Office365 and I got some rumors that these APIs only allow "reading" data. I'd like to share the following sample which