O365 API - The ultimative list of resources for devs

Finding information targeting the lastest Office 365 API builds can be a hard job, that's why Chaks - PM at MSFT who's currently owning the O365 API Tools - has summarized an awesome list with all important resources. If you're new to Office365 development and don't know where to get

Office 365 API Tools - GA Release changes

Yesterday I've only posted a short post about the most recent release of Office 365 API Tools. I'd the chance to get some hands on since yesterday and the most important thing you'll see when using the GA Release maybe, that there is no longer an CalendarApiSample, MailApiSample or similar

Office 365 API Tools Update

The Office365 API Team released a new version of Office 365 API Tools today. The new release can be downloaded directly from Visual Studio Gallery right here or by using Visual Studio's Extension Manager Window. With this version the Tools are official out of preview.

Proper Paging Implementation for Office365 APIs

I'm currently working on another (more fancy) sample for using #Office365 APIs from Web Applications. During todays night session I tried to implement the entire Service and Repository for my sample. Started with the current sample API implementation from Office 365 API Tools I made a lot of changes to