grunt-nuget packaging for mac and linux

When building ShareCoffee, I recognized that building nuget packages doesn't work on mac or linux. Today I'd the chance to look again into this issue. I've used grunt-nuget for building the nuget packages for ShareCoffee from within my GruntJS tasks. Responsible for the fact that I wasnt able to create

ShareCoffee.UserProfiles is available

Today I've published the next AddOn for ShareCoffee. ShareCoffee.UserProfiles. It's providing a dedicated wrapper for SharePoint's UserProfiles API. By using the new AddOn you can easily configure REST requests for dealing with SharePoint's UserProfile REST API from both, SharePoint Hosted and Cloud-Hosted Apps. Installation You can install the AddOn

What's new in ShareCoffee v0.0.8

Today I've published ShareCoffee v0.0.8. You can download the latest version from github or directly include the library into your project by using NuGet Bower.IO What's new in this release Within v0.0.8 are only a few new things in ShareCoffee. I've added a complete API