When electron's window.setTitle keeps driving you crazy

As reaction on my initial post about electron, Ingo Richter came up with a comment on setting the windows title. He described that he get errors when trying to set the window title to the app's name. browser-window is exposing the setTitle function and app is exposing the getName function.

Packaging electron apps as asar archive using gulpjs

I've updated my electron-angular-es6 (https://github.com/ThorstenHans/electron-angular-es6) sample app a bit. It's about how to make your app distributable. Instead of writing down all the bits, I've started camtasia and recorder a short webcast. I'll explain all the required steps from 0 to the final app.asar package

Writing an Electron (atom shell) app using Angular and ES6

If you haven't heard from Electron (formerly known as Atom Shell) you should check out the GitHub repo at https://github.com/atom/electron During this post, I will not provide an introduction for all the different tools and frameworks. It's more a walkthrough that should give you some hints

ShareCoffee v0.1.2

A while ago I wrote about SharePoint Apps in MVC and how to get them working. With ShareCoffee v0.1.2 - which is already available on nuget and bower - you can now ensure that SPHostUrl is appended to all links in your Apps without making changes to spcontext.

Slides and Samples from CodeCamp NYC

On Saturday I spoke at CodeCamp in New York. It has been the third CodeCamp NYC in a row for me. I really like the community event in New York because I'm able to combine both, helding a session and visiting one of the greatest cities in the states. Finally

MVP Mentor Session: Building SharePoint Apps with JavaScript

The Microsoft MVP Mentor Program is offering free learning resources for students presented or created by Microsoft MVPs. Yesterday I'd the chance to do a webinar on SharePoint App Development using JavaScript. The webinar was held in German, but I've created the slides in english to provide a value for

SharePoint.Jasmine - Test your JavaScript directly inside your App

Today I've published SharePoint.Jasmine on github and NuGet which allows you to test your JavaScript code directly inside of a SharePoint App. By installing SharePoint.Jasmine into your project using Install-Package SharePoint.Jasmine All required artefacts for executing JavaScript UnitTests using Jasmine are automatically integrated into your App project.

ShareCoffee 0.0.11 is available

During the last weeks I've added some new features to ShareCoffee which are now available in the most recent release. As for all previous versions you can grab a copy using NuGet or Bower.IO New Shorthand for ShareCoffee In order to save even more keystrokes when building Apps for

Using SharePoint 2013 Search REST API to execute PostQueries

Because I'm currently writing my first Add-on for ShareCoffee which will provide a fluent and easy way to program against SharePoint's Search Services, I had to dig a little bit deeper into SharePoint Search REST API. Executing Search requests as a GET request is really straight forward and there is

What's new in ShareCoffee v0.0.8

Today I've published ShareCoffee v0.0.8. You can download the latest version from github or directly include the library into your project by using NuGet Bower.IO What's new in this release Within v0.0.8 are only a few new things in ShareCoffee. I've added a complete API
Visualise your data with ShareCoffee and ChartJS

Visualise your data with ShareCoffee and ChartJS

Visualising data in SharePoint Apps is really easy if you combine ShareCoffee and ChartJS.org. ChartJS.org is a small JavaScript library which is responsible for rendering HTML5 charts in websites. Creating a sample App For this post, I've prepared a small SharePoint list containing EnergyDrinks and their amount of
Loading the App ChromeControl with ShareCoffee

Loading the App ChromeControl with ShareCoffee

ShareCoffee (https://github.com/ThorstenHans/ShareCoffee) assists you as a SharePoint App Developer in various situations. Of course is the biggest benefit the unified REST layer across all different kinds of SharePoint Apps and query targets (AppWeb / HostWeb). But there are some other nice features backed into ShareCoffee. Within this

Creating an ExcelServices JavaScript UDF - A working Sample

Excel Services in SharePoint 2013 are offering some new functionalities. One of these are JavaScript User Defined Actions (UDFs). There is currently one a small documentation on MSDN covering this topic. The given MSDN sample contains a small example which didn't work at all. Because a customer would like to
ShareCoffee is available

ShareCoffee is available

I’ve published ShareCoffee today on github. ShareCoffee is a small library containing cool stuff for SharePoint App developers. ShareCoffee is entirely written in CoffeeScript using TDD approach with (Mocha, ChaiJS and SinonJS). Since the SharePoint App model is available I thought about writing this library, but within the last