Frontend Builds 4: Building Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Frontend Builds 4: Building Cross Platform Mobile Apps

See all articles from the series Introduction Getting Started / Angular related tasks Readable and Pluggable gulpfiles Cross Platform Desktop Builds Cross Platform Mobile Builds Build as a Service Make it configurable Conditional Build Tasks The Idea During this post I'll explain how to bring x-note to various mobile platforms using

Xamarin.Forms - Display MasterPage first when using MasterDetailPage

Xamarin.Forms library is providing a MasterDetailPage which can be used to present both general information about data (which is called Master) and detailed information about any data item called Detail. You can easily set both views by using the following code. [gist id="6f4b735983ce16573883" file="RegularApproach.cs"] Within your

A shift of personal interests - Hello Xamarin

Over the past years I've focused mostly on SharePoint development and how to make developing SharePoint Solutions and Apps more fun by integrating other technologies and frameworks. For now I'm fine with my default stack which is SharePoint Provider Hosted App MVC 5 fundament AngularJS Frontends A few of you