From the field: Ensure SharePoint Context for all kinds of redirects in MVC

During the last months I was responsible for building a huge Provider-Hosted SharePoint App. During this journey I've used latest version of ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework in order to build a nice, scalable and clean Web Application to fit customer's requiremenmts. When building SharePoint Apps using Visual Studio,

MVP Mentor Session: Building SharePoint Apps with JavaScript

The Microsoft MVP Mentor Program is offering free learning resources for students presented or created by Microsoft MVPs. Yesterday I'd the chance to do a webinar on SharePoint App Development using JavaScript. The webinar was held in German, but I've created the slides in english to provide a value for - pre-register and join the community by the first day - pre-register and join the community by the first day

Today I've published the landing page for Together with my fellow SharePoint MVP's Jeremy Thake and Scot Hillier we'd like to provide a community site for SharePoint App developers who are interested in using AngularJS to build great Apps for SharePoint If you're interested in AngularJS and SharePoint

SharePoint.Jasmine - Test your JavaScript directly inside your App

Today I've published SharePoint.Jasmine on github and NuGet which allows you to test your JavaScript code directly inside of a SharePoint App. By installing SharePoint.Jasmine into your project using Install-Package SharePoint.Jasmine All required artefacts for executing JavaScript UnitTests using Jasmine are automatically integrated into your App project.

ShareCoffee 0.0.11 is available

During the last weeks I've added some new features to ShareCoffee which are now available in the most recent release. As for all previous versions you can grab a copy using NuGet or Bower.IO New Shorthand for ShareCoffee In order to save even more keystrokes when building Apps for

ShareCoffee.UserProfiles is available

Today I've published the next AddOn for ShareCoffee. ShareCoffee.UserProfiles. It's providing a dedicated wrapper for SharePoint's UserProfiles API. By using the new AddOn you can easily configure REST requests for dealing with SharePoint's UserProfile REST API from both, SharePoint Hosted and Cloud-Hosted Apps. Installation You can install the AddOn

Query FormDigestValue from SharePoint using ShareCoffee

When running in a SharePoint Hosted App you can easily receive the FormDigestValue by executing ShareCoffee.Commons.getFormDigest() which is very easy. But if you're executing queries from a plain HTML page sitting in your SharePoint hosted App - or in the case you're running in an Office App -

What's new in ShareCoffee v0.0.8

Today I've published ShareCoffee v0.0.8. You can download the latest version from github or directly include the library into your project by using NuGet Bower.IO What's new in this release Within v0.0.8 are only a few new things in ShareCoffee. I've added a complete API
Visualise your data with ShareCoffee and ChartJS

Visualise your data with ShareCoffee and ChartJS

Visualising data in SharePoint Apps is really easy if you combine ShareCoffee and is a small JavaScript library which is responsible for rendering HTML5 charts in websites. Creating a sample App For this post, I've prepared a small SharePoint list containing EnergyDrinks and their amount of
Loading the App ChromeControl with ShareCoffee

Loading the App ChromeControl with ShareCoffee

ShareCoffee ( assists you as a SharePoint App Developer in various situations. Of course is the biggest benefit the unified REST layer across all different kinds of SharePoint Apps and query targets (AppWeb / HostWeb). But there are some other nice features backed into ShareCoffee. Within this

Visual Studio 2013 for SharePoint Development – My experience from the Preview Phase

On 18th of October Visual Studio 2013 was published on MSDN. So today (one day later) it’s a wonderful day to share my experiences I’ve earned during the preview phase. I’ve installed the VS2013 Preview early in July (it was available since 26th of June) on my

Talking to SharePoint's REST Services with C# using RESTSharp

When it comes to SharePoint App Development (especially Cloud- and Provider Hosted Apps), most samples out there are demonstrating how to use CSOM from ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC. Most REST Samples are dedicated to client-side logic either in JavaScript, CoffeeScript or TypeScript. That’s fine for most scenarios,

SPScriptlet 4: Launch modal dialogs from ECB CustomActions from within the HostWeb

When you’re building Apps for SharePoint 2013 you can create Pages, Client Parts or CustomActions. For CustomActions there are two different targets, either the Ribbon or the Edit Control Block (ECB) in both cases it’s not allowed to inject JavaScript. If SharePoint would allow adding JS in these