Treat your iTerm2 like Guake

Treat your iTerm2 like Guake

As a MacOS user I love my iTerm2. I already wrote an article on how to configure iTerm2 with oh-my-zsh here.

Over the past couple of weeks I found myself using Ubuntu quiet often. Unfortunately there is no iTerm2 available for Ubuntu, but there is guake which is another powerful terminal.

I really like the experience and integration guake is offering for linux distributions. Guake registers a global shortcut to easily open the terminal no matter where you're currently working on.

The terminal instance slides down from the top of the screen and automatically receives the focus. Besides the nice integration it's also amazingly fast because the so called Hotkey Window keeps it's session alive.

As a MacOS user you can also get this behavior by updating your iTerm2 configuration. Double check the Keys tab, in the lower right corner you can find the configuration section for the Hotkey Window.

iTerm2 Hotkey Window is another great capability to increase your daily developer productivity. So your should check it out and give it a try, it's worth it!

I've also created a short video to demonstrate the entire configuration.

Do you like it? How did it increase your productivity? Leave a comment and let's discuss on iTerm2


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