A while ago I’ve posted a sample on how to write an electron app using Angular 1.x with ES2015 and JSPM.

Now having more than 80 stars on github, it seems to be quiet important for the community. That’s why I’ve decided to take this sample to another level.

Angular2 is becoming more serious with each and every day. That’s why I’ve decided to publish another electron sample targeting Angular2. Go and visit the repo right here on github at https://github.com/ThorstenHans/electron-es2015-ng2

Again, this is just a tech-demo. The app isn’t offering any functionality. Instead it uses gulp, babel and angular2 to build an entire app from scratch. The app itself is packaged using gulp-atom-electron and automatically creates binaries for all three major platforms (windows, linux and osx)

Right after cloning the project, just move within the project folder, execute npm install. Once NPM has pulled all the dependencies, execute gulp to compile the entire app.