A few weeks ago I posted a status update on Facebook complaining about the german SharePoint community. Today I’d like to give some insights about that regarding the new SharePoint Advent.

SharePoint Advent isn’t the root cause for that mentioned status update, but it’s another thing that points me more and more to move away from contributing to the German SharePoint Community.

I started SharePoint Advent 5 years ago, where the initial idea was to publish 24 posts related to SharePoint starting from 1st of December till Christmas eve. Together with my co-workers from we managed it to publish all the articles on SharePoint 2010 feautres.

In the upcoming years we did SharePoint Advent again together with most of the german-speaking SharePoint Pros. There was also one person involved who silently took the ownership of SharePointAdvent this year withour mentioning that to me or other core contributors.

If this is what you call German SharePoint Community than I’m proud to not be part of it!

Community is something different.


In the meantime I spent several hours on wirting code and listening to music. So I think I’m pretty relaxed right now. :) The story about SP-Advent is still strange to me, but there is no beef or dispute from my site.

My official closing statement to this situation is the following:

“I’m disappointed because of the fact that someone has taken my idea without givin me a note - a tweet would be enough.. I don’t need a meeting for things like this.”