Again a Windows Phone discussion? No not really. I just wanna share my thoughts on the current state of that platform.

By 6th of November 2014 the Office team did an announcement about the Office Apps for everyone read here. I really like the move from corp direction x-platform but with this move, they have to work even harder on their devices.

Windows Phone itslef isn’t a bad platform, but there are two things that prevent the platform from becoming a successor.

1. No device romance
2. Crappy Apps

I think those two arguments are a kind of over-discussed in the entire community. While staying in Redmond for #MVPSummit I’d the chance to get hands on some Lumia 930 devices. The device isn’t new - in US it’s konwn as Lumia Icon - which is in my eyes the best Windows Phone Device currently available. That said, my expectations were on a high level.

But, chatting with some folks about their experience gained from actually using that phone was a kind of frustrating. In bottom line the message was “It’s not bad, but compared to the hardware of an IPhone - it’s sobering.

Regarding Apps, I’ll keep my statement short. Apps for Windows Phone are not advertised to the market and the Apps which are available aren’t made with love (at least 80% of them).

Nothing new so far, but during my stay in Redmond with the announcement linked above, I saw lots of Microsoft’s employees switching from Windows Phone to Android- or Apple Devices. I don’t want to convict someone here - in our daily business we’ve to get things done. And both Android and iOS are doing a better job in supporting us on the mobile side as Microsoft is doing it in these days - but! It was a kind of message that I got from all the discussions, posts, tweets on that topic.

Microsoft Employees are now argumenting like “Well we care about the services. Not about the device…” Really?

What are your thoughts on that? Share your opinion