Yesterday I’ve only posted a short post about the most recent release of Office 365 API Tools.

I’d the chance to get some hands on since yesterday and the most important thing you’ll see when using the GA Release maybe, that there is no longer an CalendarApiSample, MailApiSample or similar sample class for accessing resources from Office 365.

There are some reasons why those samples are gone, but for developers starting with Office 365 it’s a little bit harder right now to get started.

Microsoft and especially the PG behind those API’s it’s doing a great job and investigating a lot of time to provide a good documentation with lots of samples.

Documentation :) is a difficult story at Microsoft, the quality of documentation is different for each and every product. In the past years we saw terrible docs from various teams driving developers crazy in order to get anything working as expected. Azure and OneNote division are doing the best job across the entire Corp in my eyes. But the team around those O365 APIs is really catching up.

There is also a free to use API Sandbox available right now. You can use the sandbox to play around and get started with the APIs. is still one of the most important links you should bookmark and visit frequently regarding API documentation, recent news, samples or use cases for all Office Development stuff - including Office 365 APIS.

A kind of new documentation for Office 365 APIs is available at, where you’ll find a ton of source-code samples regarding all the features Office 365 API is offering including the entire authentication process using Azure AD. So this is the place to get started for you right now.

As I’ve said at the beginning, the team did a great job right here and I’m really looking forward to get my fingers on those APIs in more detail during the upcoming weeks.