This blog has been running for a long time on WordPress. Over the past year I’ve used markdown to write all my articles, but I was still a kind of frustrated because my blog was still running on WordPress. Don’t get me wrong - WordPress is a good blogging platform, but customizing WordPress is tough because of all the plugins and the fact that it’s written in PHP makes it even worse.

About a year ago I stumbled upon ghost, a Node.JS based blogging engine which is ONLY about blogging.

OOB there is no support for comments, gists and other fancy things. This in common, I’ve started yesterday to extend ghost in order to get all the features I need to run my blog as I did the years before.

I’ve migrated all the posts and comments from WordPress to ghost, but especially older posts may render in a bad way.

If you’re facing a site which doesn’t render correctly - please - contact me. I’ll try to do my best in order to fix all the UI bugs in old posts. But there are plenty of articles here on :) so it may take a few weeks.