Over the past years I’ve focused mostly on SharePoint development and how to make developing SharePoint Solutions and Apps more fun by integrating other technologies and frameworks.

For now I’m fine with my default stack which is

A few of you may have noticed that I’ve also switched all my private devices to Apple. So back with a brand new MacBook Air and an IPhone, I’ll also invest more time in building iOS Apps.

It’s 100% clear to me now, that I will not invest any time in building iOS Apps using ObjectiveC :D because it’s pain in the ass.


Xamarin allows developers to build iOS (and Android) Apps using C#. Combined with their Xamarin.Forms library, it’s possible to build native mobile Apps for multiple platforms without digging deep in platform specific languages.

Cross Platform Apps… So you may guess that I’ll built also for the #WP plaform. Well, no! I will not do so.

Of course will I blog about SharePoint, MVC and Angular as soon as I stumble upon something that is important enough. Integrating Office365 in iOS will of course be one of the most interesting topics for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I still do SharePoint and Office 365 each and every day. But during the evenings I try to focus more on mobile App dev.

Combining the great services offered by Microsoft (O365) and native Mobile Applications looks promising to me. So keep on reading my blog and stay tuned for the first Xamarin posts :)