About a week ago I finally published my first eBook on leanpub.

The book covers all the different ShareCoffee features and describes how to use them within SharePoint App projects. On about 100 pages all the different capabilities are explained and demonstrated using small code-snippets.


There is also a short SharePoint App introduction included if you’re not familiar with the SharePoint App platform. Leanpub is offering a flexible pricing model. So normally the minimal price for my eBook is $9.99 but based on a two-week poll the suggested price has been locked at $10.99 (but it’s totally up to you how much you spend).

Publishing updates is really easy on leanpub and you as a reader will automatically be informed as soon as a new version is available. This is also the reason why I prefer leanpub over amazon. My promise to all the readers is that I’ll keep on updating the book and improving all the chapters currently offered.

For you - as reader of my blog - there is a special community offer. You can grab a copy from my book right now with a minimal price of $7.99 but you can of course spend some more bucks. :) Think about that two Java Chip Frappuccino® at Starbucks are even more expensive :)

Use this link to buy the discounted book now

Leanpub is an awesome service which is able to transform simple markdown into pdf, epub and mobi formats. If you’re interested in writing and publishing a book, you should check out leanpub right now.