A few minutes ago, I’ve published Version 0.1.1 of ShareCoffee.

It’s available on NuGet and bower.io for downloading and upgrading if you’re already using it. New in the current release is JsonLight support for Office365. If you’re running on demand, your tenant is able to produce different results when calling SharePoint’s REST services.

On August 13th, Microsoft announced the availability of JSON Light responses for Office 365 on its Office blog right here.

When you’re running on Demand, you can now also specify which level of metadata you’re interested in by using a single property


by default it’s using the regular application/json;odata=verbose setting (which is supported by onPremise environments). You can assign any of the following properties to this setting in order to change this

ShareCoffee.jsonRequestBehavior = ShareCoffee.JsonRequstBehaviors.minimal;
// all requests will send odata=minimalmetadata as Accept header

ShareCoffee.jsonRequestBehavior = ShareCoffee.JsonRequstBehaviors.nometadata;
// all requests will send odata=nometadata as Accept header

ShareCoffee.jsonRequestBehavior = ShareCoffee.JsonRequstBehaviors.verbose;
// all requests will send odata=verbose as Accept header

ShareCoffee.jsonRequestBehavior = ShareCoffee.JsonRequstBehaviors.default;
// all requests will send odata=verbose as Accept header

After setting the property explicitly, all REST requests will use the metadata behavior you’ve selected right here.