During #SPC14 I decided to buy a Dell Venue 8 Pro because I was looking for a small device in addition to my Surface Pro and my 15” MacBook Pro.

####Here my most important requirements

At this point I’d like to say thank you to my good old friend Heino, who pointed me to Dell’s device and gave me the chance to play a little bit with his Venue 8 Pro during SPC14.

Summarising the first weeks with my Dell Venue 8 Pro isn’t a complicated task. It’s just amazing. The small device is supporting me in different scenarios. For example I use it instead of my Kindle to read books. I use it during business meetings to take notes using OneNote.

As you can see in picture one, the screen resolution is awesome. Taking notes (of course with an external keyboard) is great. The display has a great contrast.

From the hardware perspective, I really like camera which produces great pictures with it’s 5 MP lense. Also the fact that the Windows Button is located at the side of the device is great and turned out to be more natural as the location which my Surface is providing.

The most important aspect is the battery lifetime. When doing daily Office work, the battery lifetime is roughly about 8.5 hours. So I can use my device during a day-long meeting!!! That’s cool.

If you’re interested in more details about the Dell Venue 8 Pro, just ask :)

I <3 it