####Now it’s official!

The end of the InfoPath era is here. Today Microsoft published an official statement about the future of InfoPath and InfoPath Services. In bottom line the story is short J There will be no upcoming release of InfoPath or InfoPath Services. Because many customers were using InfoPath to generate heavy customised forms in SharePoint Microsoft will keep on supporting InfoPath until 2023.

For me as a developer these are awesome news. Can’t count how many times I was forced to build something using crappy InfoPath instead of writing a clean and nice web-app which is able to render on any device. I’ve also been involved in many difficult projects where customers spent many months or perhaps years customising Forms using InfoPath before they’ve decided to involve developers into their projects in order to make the suggested scenarios work as expected.

This is of course my personal opinion. I know many other customers who are building Forms with respect to the technology and with awareness of their disadvantages. If you’re interested in the entire official statement check this post over here