For developing native web languages I use SublimeText 2 ( As many other editors, SublimeText offers a great plugin ecosystem, which allows you as a developer to add various functionality by installing additional packages.


Within this post I’ll introduce some plugins I’m using in order to increase my developer performance.

Package Control

Package Control is the most powerful and important plugin, it allows you to add new plugins to sublime without typing endless commands into the console  or manually copying files to the application directory. In order to install Package Control you’ve to execute the following script from Sublime Text’s Console

import urllib2,os; pf='Package Control.sublime-package'; ipp=sublime.installed_packages_path(); os.makedirs(ipp) if not os.path.exists(ipp) else None; urllib2.install_opener(urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.ProxyHandler())); open(os.path.join(ipp,pf),'wb').write(urllib2.urlopen( ''+pf.replace(' ','%20')).read()); print 'Please restart Sublime Text to finish installation'


Emmet (previously known as Zen Coding) is great for creating HTML elements because you’re typing a kind of CSS Selector style statements and Emmet is automatically creating the corresponding HTML for you.

Emmet Plugin


Crunch your JavaScript files by using Google Closure Compiler (CTRL + ALT + m)  


Tag is great for developers writing a lot of declarative code. It will automatically add closing tags when you write the opening one.  

Search Stackoverflow

Instant StackOverflow Search Plugin. But-Saver ;)  


Adds Git support to Sublime Text including built-in Diff Viewer. This plugin is one of the best time savers for me.

Git Plugin


Allows you to write CoffeeScript in Sublime Text and offers features like


Compile your CoffeeScript file directly from within SublimeText 2 [CTRL + SHIFT + C]  


Allows you to write Node.js in SublimeText and offers features like


Launch your Node.JS file directly from the editor [CTRL + ALT + n  + r]


There are of course plenty more good plugins available for SublimeText. These are just a few plugins I use frequently.

Is there an essential plugin missing, do you use a plugin that should be listet here? Leave a comment and share your knowledge with the community.