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You may wonder why I've moved away from my existing blog engine (Community Server) to WordPress. There were several reasons why I decided to move on

  • The administrative UI of Community Server is terrible
  • WordPress is hosted on Windows Azure as a website and easy for me to administer and trace
  • WordPress offers much more plugins and configuration options
  • WordPress offers the best web based authoring experience
  • It’s time for something new

    I hope the guys from dotnet-forum.de keep my blog up and running, so you can still access all my posts by using this url http://dotnet-forum.de/blogs/ThorstenHans. ### It’s time for something new

    SharePoint 2013 has been released only a few weeks ago. My personal focus will continuously shift more and more direction Office 365, because I love many of the concepts and advantages which are offered by Office 365. I’ve no need for planning, scaling, installing and administrating SharePoint boxes. That’s what I call “platform” and I don’t want to care about the “platform” anymore. If not Microsoft, who will be able to run SharePoint, Exchange, Lync and all the other great products with - Minimal effort

  • Minimal costs
  • Minimal response times
  • Maximum availability
  • Maximum speed
  • Most experience

    As you see, there are many reasons why Office 365 matters and why it will be a successor. But what’s going on here for developers? ### Developer stuff

    Napa is really awesome, I love the lightweight, clean, powerful web-based IDE. It’s a great starting point for new SharePoint developers and a great alternative to Visual Studio when it comes to client side development (app development of course). So Napa will be one of the topics I’ll work on within the next months. In addition to Napa I try to focus myself more on cloud based solutions such as Windows Azure or Team Foundation Service. So I hope most of you guys will keep my blog bookmarked and continue reading my posts.


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